Sizes and volume of Cruets

The size of each cruet varies from design to design.
Each cruet is crafted to be easily used with one hand.
The Grape Cluster Cruet is apprx 6 inches in total the top of the cork spouts. The diameter of the Grape cruet is apprx 2.75 inches.

The Grape cruet, the Tomatoes cruet, and the Onions cruet holds apprx 11-12 oz of Olive oil. Because the cruets are hand blown, the size can vary slightly, thus we do not post a specific measurement of contents.

Our cruets are very functional and practical for actual table use. You would normally use an 8.5 or 12 oz bottle of Olive oil in a general purpose kitchen, thus our cruet offers the appropriate decanter size.

Because Aged Balsamic vinegar is used so sparingly the inner glass vessel of each cruet holds apprx 3.5 oz.

The Egg cruet is apprx 4 5/8 inches tall, apprx 3 inches in diameter.

The Bell cruet is apprx 6 inches tall and 3 1/8 inches in diameter at the flared bottom.

The Garlic cruet and Valencia cruet are spheres of apprx. 4" in diameter. All inner vessels hold apprx the same, 3.5 oz.

Any selection of our Cruets would make a wonderful addition to the kitchen.

Cleaning your glass-within-glass cruet.

Although the cruet can be placed in the dishwasher, sometimes the dishwasher jets do not wash the inside of the two vessels very well.

You can take a small piece of cloth, add dishwasher soap to it, and put it inside one side of the cruet at a time. Add a small amount of warm water. Put your finger over the spout and shake vigorously. The wet cloth will shake around to all sides of the glass, cleaning it.

Rinse and repeat if necessary. You can remove the wet cloth with a toothpick or tweezers to get it back out of the spout.

After thorough clean water rinsing, you can dry your cruet in the oven at 350 degrees. All condensation will evaporate in just a few minutes.

CAUTION: Let cool before touching.
Your cruet is made from Simax glass, a laboratory technical grade glass that will not break from heat of 350 degrees.

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